Supporting HEART UK

Above: Rachael and daughter Amy

“I've been an Ambassador for HEART UK for around four years and I have FH as does my mother and my daughter Amy.

Amy was 6 when she had her first blood test which showed raised cholesterol levels; she went on to have genetic testing which confirmed FH.  We both continue to follow a low saturated fat diet as best we can along with plenty of exercise. Amy and I are on statin treatment which seems to be doing what it should, and we are both tolerating it well. 

As an ambassador I think it is so important to raise awareness of high cholesterol and in particular FH.  The more people that know about the condition the better.   We always spread the word and promote HEART UK within our close circles and work environments and we have also handed out HEART UK leaflets and posters in our local surgeries, and again to friends and family who in turn help.

For the past few years my husband Jason has supported National Cholesterol Month and raised over £1,500 by donating a percentage of his profits.  Not only does he really enjoy doing this, but I know it’s really important for him to feel he is doing something special for HEART UK in his own way.

It’s a real family commitment to support HEART UK and I am proud to be an Ambassador and help in any way I can”.